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Politechnika Białostocka


The architect. Currently I am working on my final thesis project Archetype - Home at Białystok University of Technology in Poland (Architecture and Urban Planning). My Bachelor graduation project was Cementary Chapel (promoter: prof. dr hab. inż. arch. Volodymyr Durmanov). I participated twice in the student exchange program at the Faculty of Architecture at ITU (Istanbul Technical University) and YTU (Yildiz Technical University) in Istanbul, Turkey. On Erasmus the most interesting was acoustics subjects, projects and Building Evaluation course in which I was taking part. During studies I practiced in offices: Meteor Architects and JazzBud in Białystok, Poland. I am a memeber and a owner of CREATURA group (a community of people who are intrested in broadly defined architecture). In 2012 I started to work for Architektura-murator magazine as an student ambassador. I was taking part in workshops: _ Koń na Ganku 2012 - design of dream playgrounds with childern as an instructor; _Hybrid Environment for Architecture ECAADE 2014 Białystok, Poland;_Kaja WEST art and architecture workshops 2014 Braslaw, Belarus; _Ossa 2015 Kraków, Poland; tutor: NAS_DRA Design and Research; _ Wspólna Przestrzeń Wspólne Sprawy 2015 Supraśl, Poland, small architecture, creating design of city furnitures with/for local community; In free time I do winter sports or cycling. I travel a lot. I love to draw and to watch modern art. My dream is to try to live in many countries to explore the potential of architecture. Interested? Send an email and follow me on social media. Berenika Zimnoch